I'm Regina, a life design and empowerment coach for soul-driven women, and the founder of Soul Sparked. I'm super excited, and so honored, that you've found your way here. 

If you are a smart, savvy, and soul-driven woman 50, and you are ready to live a more authentic, empowered, and fulfilling life full of freedom, flow, and purpose, then you are in the exact, right place. 

To ensure that you get the most out of this website, and out of the Soul Sparked experience, I have put together some resources that will help you get started and make diving into this new way of life I call Soul Sparked Living, so much easier.

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Kindred Souls

To empower oneself is the highest form of self-love!

Learn six things you can start doing today to empower yourself so you can experience a happier and more authentic life of freedom and fulfillment on your own terms in midlife and beyond.

This fun spark sheet helps you tap into your authentic self and encourages self-reflection and increased self awareness while boosting your self-confidence and promoting self-love. 

Self-Discovery Spark Sheet

Learn the easy 6-step process that will help you gain clarity and rediscover a sense of purpose and direction so can get unstuck and start moving towards your dreams. 

Keys to An Empowered Midlife

6 Steps to Getting Unstuck

Self-Empowerment Resources



Yes, Please!


The Soul Sparked Community is a monthly membership community of like-minded women designed to guide, empower, and nurture you as you move forward on your Soul Sparked journey with clarity and intention.

Inside you'll find exclusive resources, trainings, and empowerment tools that will support you on your journey to a more authentic and fulfilling midlife (and beyond).

You'll also have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded, soulful women in a tight-knit and supportive community.

Join today as a founding member and get your first month FREE plus get a special VIP rate on your monthly membership for the life of your membership.

Soul Sparked Community

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Launching Sep 2023

get unstuck & create an authentic & fulfilling midlife

- Susan Q.

"Regina's midlife assessment toolkit helped me identify exactly where I was stuck and why, and showed me how to prioritize my focus and energy to get unstuck so I can move forward with clarity and intention!"

midlife assessment toolkit


Inside the toolkit, you'll get access to empowerment tools that will help you assess your current level of midlife satisfaction & identify what's keeping you stuck so you can get back on track & start living a more authentic & fulfilling life on your own terms!

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