I help women over 50 get unstuck and find new direction, so they can live an authentic & purposeful life of freedom, flow & fulfillment! 

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If you're serious about stepping into your divine feminine power and want step-by-step guidance and personalized one-on-one coaching to support and empower you on this journey into your second chapter of life, then Soul Sparked Life Design™️ Coaching was created just for you! 

Over a period of 8-weeks, we will work together to identify and reframe limiting beliefs; identify your innate gifts, passions, and desires; uncover your passionate purpose; and create a personalized soul map that is as unique to you as your fingerprint that will serve as a roadmap to designing and creating the purposeful, authentic and fulfilling life you crave.

Bespoke one-on-one Coaching that provides support, nurturing, guidance, and accountability so you can finally get unstuck and design your perfect second chapter of life using the Soul Sparked Life Design Framework™️  

Soul Sparked Life Design™️ Coaching

"Regina's soul mapping process has been life-changing! With her help, I realized, there's a lot of life yet to live, even post 70 !"

I knew I wanted more from my life but felt stuck trying to figure out what to do after retirement. Regina's unique life-design process helped me get in touch with my authentic self, gain clarity about my future life path, and devise a customized soul map that outlined the exact steps I can take to live an aligned and intentional life, and experience more overall life satisfaction !

Cathy D, Retired Executive

"Regina helped me find clarity and direction. Now I'm living my dream as a travel writer!"

Thanks to the Soul Mapping process, I reconnected with a desire to travel and a love of writing, and embarked on a new career as a travel writer in my fifties! I've been to over a dozen countries in the last year and had my articles published in multiple major publications. I am looking forward to the future, as this was only the first step of my soul map!

mimi L., Travel Writer

"I had no idea what to do next."

I spent my entire adult life taking care of my husband and children and spent very little time thinking about what I wanted to do with my own life outside of being a wife and mother, then my children left the nest and I got divorced, and I had no idea what to do with myself. Going through the Soul Sparked Life Design course was a huge wake-up call and helped me connect with dreams I had long since buried and get unstuck and find direction.

Maree J, Recent Divorcee

"The only person whose permission I need to do anything in this life is my own!"

Before working with Regina, I always looked to everyone else for guidance, direction, and even permission about the best life path to take. Thanks to Regina & her fabulous Soul Sparked Life Design course, I now know that the answers I have been so desperately seeking for so many years were within me all along. Now I trust myself to know what the best path is for me. I no longer seek anyone else's permission, and am very clear on exactly what I need to feel fulfilled. Priceless!

Wanda, Soul Seeker

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