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I See You!

You've spent so many years living your life for others that you've become disconnected from who you truly are and what you really want in life. 

Tired of living your life for everyone else?


You're longing for something "more" but you can't seem to connect with exactly what that is or even where to start looking to try to find out. You need clarity. 

Confused about what to do next or where to start?


You feel dissatisfied with your life and are craving more contentment and satisfaction, but fear that life has already  passed you by.

Feeling lost & longing for more meaning and fulfillment in life?


The Get Sparked™️ Hybrid Coaching Program can help you reconnect with your authentic self, uncover your unique vision for your ideal life, & gain a new sense of purpose and direction, so you can finally get unstuck and start living the life of freedom, fulfillment and flow you crave. 

Looking to Move Out of Confusion & Overwhelm & Live Authentically with  Clarity & a Renewed Sense of Purpose & Direction?

Get Sparked Coaching Is Perfect For You If You're . . .

But you don't have to do it alone!

Hey, I get it. I've been there, struggling with confusion and overwhelm, feeling lost and disconnected, but I have great news! There is a path forward -- the Soul Sparked Midlife Design Framework™️.

This proven framework can help you rediscover who you are at your core, uncover your deepest dreams and desires, and create the life you've always envisioned for yourself so you can finally live the life they you're meant to live on your own terms without apologies or guilt. 

Midlife is the perfect time to reconnect to the deep inner longings of your soul

You've just become disconnected from who you really are !

You're Going to be okay. There's nOthing wrong with you!


Having a Crystal Clear Life Vision and Knowing Exactly What You're Meant To Do

Having Clarity & Knowing Exactly What You're Meant to Do and Why

You've Learned the Value of Putting Yourself and Your Own Wants First

to thriving by doing this...

Feeling Lost Without a Sense of Direction or Purpose

Feeling Confused & Not Knowing What You Want

Putting Everyone Else's Wants & Needs Ahead of Your Own

just imagine going from...

It's time to take control of your  life and put yourself first !

I'm here to help you reclaim your power

You will create an actionable Soul Map that outlines the exact steps you need to take to turn your life vision into reality. 


You'll learn how to make decisions and take actions that are in perfect alignment with your life vision, and how to confidently say no to things that aren't. 


You'll develop a life vision for what you want your life to look like moving forward so you can experience a deep level of personal fufillment. 

life vision

You'll re-examine your dreams and desires, and figure out what truly matters most to you and how you can use your unique gifts to make a positive impact. 

sense of purpose

You'll learn how to connect with your authentic self to easily identify exactly what you want for yourself and your life moving forward. 


You'll examine where you feel the most and least fulfilled in 8 key life focus areas to identify exactly where you're stuck and where you need to focus your energy 


By the end of our time together, you will have gained . . .

I'll be right there with you every step of the way to guide, support, and empower you to make positive changes in your life so you can finally live the life you want and experience true freedom and fulfillment moving forward.  Just click the button below to take the first step.  

It's time to get unstuck and create the life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment you truly deserve !

Ready to transform your life?

Bimonthly customized 1:1 coaching sessions to work through framework steps and help you gain clarity, get unstuck, create a new life vision, and start moving forward

Ask me questions via online private messaging so you can get support between coaching sessions

To ensure the best possible results, the Get Sparked™️ Hybrid Program combines personalized bespoke coaching sessions with access to the entire Soul Sparked Life Design Framework™️ Program and includes:

1 : 1 Coaching + Online Course Access

"Regina helped me see that I've still got a lot of life to live and that I can live it on my terms, not everyone else's."

- Diane H

"Working with Regina was one of the best investments I've ever made in myself. I learned how to finally put myself first without all of the guilt."


"Regina's insight and guidance helped me get clear on what I truly wanted in my life and how to get unstuck and take action!"

- Carlotta G

Love Notes

you're tired of trying to figure things out on your own and want a step-by-step proven framework to follow to get your life back on track with personal support and guidance

you're ready to put yourself first and live life authentically on your own terms without apologies or guilt

you're comitted to crafting an extraordinary and beautiful vision for your future so you can expereince more confidence and fulfillment in midlife and beyond

Get Sparked Coaching is right for you if . . . 

Sounds amazing, right?