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In a recent interview with writer and movie director, Luc Besson, when asked where his ideas come from, he responded how he is inspired by ordinary people who live their lives with passion.

“You need to have all your senses open. You need to keep yourself in life, real life… [or] you become disconnected and you have nothing to say.”

I have so much more fun with my boulanger [baker]. When I go at 6am for my croissants, the guy’s so passionate about his croissants. “Oh, you must try this one, because this morning I changed the butter!” The guy’s passionate about what he does and it shows in everything he does.

Watching old people in the park, talking about their lives and their experiences. That’s where it comes from, from food and talking.

I sat on the plane with a guy who studied cancerous molecules. He talked for eight hours about it, and I was amazed – the science, and how they separate the molecules, you know? He was so passionate about it. That’s where it comes from. It’s fed from all these people who come from life.

Besson’s description is a perfect example of what reader are looking for in a novel. It’s not just about the story. There are thousands of novels similar to yours out there, but no one has the same passion for your story and your characters.No one can tell your story quite like you can. Readers want to be inspired and moved by your story. they want to feel your passion and enthusiasm through your narrative and dialogue that you create.

Your passion and your unique voice is what makes you different ,and what makes you stand in a sea of other novelists.

Besson also commented on his own passions and motivations for film-making.

“You must be in love to make a film. You must be in love [with the stories and the characters]. So long as I’m not in love, I don’t make one!”

I think Besson is really onto something here. If we are not in love with and passionate about the story we are writing, about our characters and their story, how can we expect our readers to fall in love with them? So, whatever you write, and whoever you write about, make sure that it comes from your heart and expresses your own passion and excitement.

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