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Do you ever find yourself at a loss over what to post on your social media accounts, or feel like you’ve run out of content? While not all of these ideas are specific to writers, they could easily be adapted to your individual needs. So, here are 20 visual content ideas to share on social media that will enlighten, amuse, inspire, and engage your readers.

1. What You Do  – Show images or shoot a quick video clip that portrays how you conduct your business or spend your day (ie: your to-do list, planner pages, or your workflow).  For example, here is a shot of an old blog editorial calendar.

November 2015 Editorial Calendar


2. Planning & Organization Examples - Give examples or highlight helpful products that help you stay focused and organized. Here I highlighted one of my favorite apps that helps me keep my to do list organized and prioritized.

Asana Task Calendar

3. Sneak Peeks – Build anticipation for upcoming programs or books by sharing partial images or tidbits (a new logo, tagline, color scheme, graphic or video teaching clip). For example, I ronce shared a graphic about an upcoming FREE Masterclass.

Launch Your Dream Business In 60 days (or less) Free Masterclass

4. Make Them Smile – Post something cute or funny just to make them smile (like when your cat takes up residence in your husband’s suitcase) and to allow your readers to feel connected to you.

Suitcase Kitty

5. Super Successes or Epic Failures - Show them what is possible by sharing your or your client’s latest successes (like images of your sales figures for a new launch or video testimonials from clients) or use failures as teaching tools. I love this example by Bushra Azhar where she is celebrating a big win and throws in a little humor!

20 Visual Content Ideas for social media sharing #4 Super Successes

6.. Your Work Space - Show people your inspired work space and point out things that make your workflow easier (like this photo of my office including my planning board and vision boards)!

My Home Office

7. What Inspires & Motivates You? - Post photos of things in your space that inspire and motivate you (pictures, a vision board, a mascot, outside view, etc.).

Brand New Start Quote

8. Your Latest Events - Show people what they are missing and make them want to attend your next event.

2014 Food Blog Forum

9. Your Goals, Dreams, & Motivations - Let them in on why you do what you do and why you are so committed to your business. Here is a great example from Christy Marshall. She overcame a lot in her life and she wants to help other women take control of their lives and get healthy and fit! What’s your motivation?

Find Your Big Why

10. Feature Your Staff - Show off your fabulous team members and highlight how they contribute to your success.

11. Get Their Opinion - Show them two options (ie: a new header or color scheme) and ask them which option they like best or ask for feedback. There’s no better way to know what resonates with your ideal clients than to ask their opinion. You could also ask for feedback on character names, traits, settings, storylines, etc.

20 Visual Content Ideas for Social Media Sharing #11 Get Their Opinion

12. How to Relax - How do you make the most of your down-time? How do you spend your free time? Show people what their lives can be like. Here I am at an RWA conference with one of my favorite best-selling authors, the FABULOUS Nora Roberts who has published over 200 novels!

Regina Mize with Nora Roberts

With my hero at RWA 2013, bestselling author Nora Roberts (aka: J.D Robb)

13. Special Offers & VIP Content– Reward your fans & followers with special offers or VIP content (tips, printables, deleted scenes, sneak previews, swag, etc.)

14. Video Tips & Tutorials - Make a quick how-to, or tips tutorial video or a Q & A video to answer frequently asked questions.

20 Visual Content Ideas For Social Media Sharing #14 Video Tips Or Tutorials

15. Interview Clips - Post video clips of interviews of other writers and authors, or get really creative and interview your protagonists and antagonists. Readers love to get inside the minds of their favorite characters.

16. Inspirational Quotes - Post an image quote that inspires and motivates. This image is of my 15 year old orange tabby lying on the front deck sunning himself. He really understands the concept of enjoying life! I just snapped the photo using my Instagram app on my cell phone and used Font Over to add the text. Easy Peasy!

Life Is Wonderful

17. Your Favorite Things – Post images of your favorite things  or things that make your life or business better, like my awesome fall/winter capsule wardrobe pictured below!. I truly love dressing this way! I save tons of money and save tons of time getting ready because most items can easily be mixed and matched!

My 2015 Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

18. Infographics - Give your readers a useful reference sheet or summary. Here is an example from

20 Visual Content Ideas for Social Media Sharing : Infographics

Can you think of any other ideas I missed? Let me know in the comments so I can add them!


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