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How to Stop Distractions In Their Tracks

I’m sure if you are like me there always seems to be something from the real world trying to get in the way of and distract you from your work. Life happens. The phone rings, you have incoming emails that you need to respond to, you really should check your Facebook...

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8 Steps To Overcome Procrastination & Get Stuff Done

You hop on Social Media just to "check in" or your inbox chimes to draw you in -- and before you know it, an hour or more has passed. In the meantime, your daily to do list sits undone and you tell yourself, you'll get to it tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and your...

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17 Visual Content Ideas for Social Media Sharing

Do you ever find yourself at a loss over what to post on your social media accounts, or feel like you've run out of content? While not all of these ideas are specific to writers, they could easily be adapted to your individual needs. So, here are 20 visual content...

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